Lifetime warranty on the frame. 45 years on the sheeting’s paint system

We are not responsible for permits, covenant searches or restrictions. You are responsible for obtaining any permits from your local Building Inspector.

Although every county is different, most are 3-5’ from side yard and 15-20’ from street.

All buildings require 10lbs per ft. Standard residential require 20lbs. Cover-All structures can be designed to meet or surpass any snow load needed

Standard structures are designed for 70m.p.h. on paper, In 20 yrs, Cover-All has never had a structure blow down under any severe winds ever! And there have been many circumstances where the winds have exceeded 120m.p.h.!

Up to 20 different colors available for sheeting and trim, with any combinations needed.

Normally you will receive your Cover-All within 30 days of signed contract and deposit.

We specialize in custom designs. We have made them from as small as 4’ Wide x to 120’ Wide and over 30’ Tall. From boat dock structures, dog kennels, riding arenas, pie-shaped, to 2-story structures! Powder coating is also available for those beautiful entertaining areas.

Depends on how elaborate you order your structure. From super easy 4hr installations to structures better left to the professionals.

No, Cover-All is very loyal to their many dealers and feel that you will better understand our products if you buy them directly from one of their dealers. All Cover-All dealer’s have the same retail pricing. The only thing you should consider is the source you are buying your product from… We are the online industry leader, as our logo states, “Your trusted source, covering all your needs.”

Absolutely you can. Although if you wait, their would be an additional delivery charge.

You will need a 12” x 12” perimeter footing, and the slab should be a minimum of 4” thick. We suggest pouring slab the exact same width and length of structure. This allows the sheeting to extend past the slab to help better seal your structure against the weather.

Cover-All doesn’t skimp on their customers footings. We use a 12” x 24” concrete footing with a 12” “J” bolt.

Our standard pitch is 3-12. Although we custom make any pitch you would need at no extra cost.

We are sure you have heard this many times, but we use the best materials in the country, except we will prove it! Sheeting is 26 gauge Kynar. It comes with a 45 year paint warranty! Framework is high tensile strength 3” x 2” steel. It comes with a lifetime warranty! Our custum headers we use for taking out legs for our customers are made of 5” x 3” super thick steel. Even out bases are 3” x 2” solid steel angle iron that is covered with black with top quality rustoleum paint!

We ask that you make the lot that the carport will be installed on as level as possible or your unit will be installed “As Is” on lot. Prior to installation, please have any underground cables, gas lines, or any other utility lines located and marked. Cover-All will not be responsible for any damage to underground utility lines.

Ignoring the old adage: “What appears too good to be true probably is” When comparing prices for different metal buildings, make sure you’re comparing buildings that include the same specifications. There are definitely suppliers out there who will intentionally leave things out or use cheaper components to trick unsuspecting buyers!