If your home does not have an enclosed garage and you do not have the time or money to install a new garage addition, a Metal Carport may be a good idea if you have purchased and RV or boat this maybe ideal for you. An open-sided parking area with a high roof, a carport is the perfect hybrid between outdoor and covered parking. Less expensive to erect than a garage, the area also will also be more energy efficient, as it will not require heating, cooling or electricity.

Like a garage, a Metal Carport can also help increase your homes value and provide additional protection to vehicles and other property. Should you ever plan on selling your home, having a carport, especially in an area that receives frequent precipitation, can help sway a buyers decision in your favor. While the added covered area will not add to your heated square footage on property tax rolls, the improvement made can help make your home value higher.

Not just intended as a place to park your car, a Metal Carport can also be used as an outdoor gathering area. If you enjoy cooking outdoors, the covered carport area provides a space for cooks to be outside, without the risk of becoming sunburned. Carport areas also provide a shaded space for children to play outside, allowing parents to supervise them in comfort.

Coming in a variety of colors, homeowners can choose to purchase a carport that is the same color as their homes exterior, or can choose a color that will serve as an accent color, matching the shutter, door or other outdoor areas trim. In a residential setting, most homeowners choose to purchase a white Metal Carport, as it will match any color. When making your decision, be sure to consider the long-term appeal of your home, as you may decide to change its exterior color and will still want your carport to match.