Congratulations, and thank you for choosing a metal building for your project.

We provide guidance for inspections, adjustments, cleaning and care for your building, carport, detached garages, patio cover etc. YES, we do maintenance work on competitors and all steel and manufactured metal structures.

Metal buildings have evolved into structures requiring minimal maintenance because of improvements in materials, design applications, and fabrication techniques. However, like many other investments, your building does require some attention to maintain its value and appearance.

We are here to help you keep your metal building in good condition. Failure to provide regular maintenance may void the manufacturer’s warranty that would otherwise be applicable to a building or its components.

Frequency of Maintenance: The frequency with which preventive maintenance activities should be performed will depend on several factors including the specific maintenance task, the environmental influences based on the location of your building, the age, and condition of the building and your commitment to a preventive maintenance program. Your maintenance schedule should begin immediately after a building is erected, modified or repaired. We recommend most maintenance activities be performed at least twice annually by qualified personnel. For buildings that are located in areas that have moderate to severe winters, inspections are recommended in the spring closely following winter and in the fall early enough to complete any necessary repairs prior to winter. Additional inspections and maintenance may be needed following severe or unusual storms. Maintenance activities should be performed more frequently than twice per year on buildings located in coastal areas, areas subject to industrial pollution and areas with high humidity as a result of the increased exposure to corrosive elements in these areas. In addition, buildings used for activities that are potentially detrimental to the building such as indoor pools, animal confinement or activities that generate corrosive chemicals should have maintenance activities performed more frequently

Let Cover-All help you maintain your investment with these maintenance programs. Call today to schedule your appointment with our professional maintenance team.

  • $199 minimum 1000 sq ft max
  • $299 2000 sq ft max
  • $399 3000 sq ft max
  • $499 4000 sq ft max
  • $99 enclosed structure
  • $25 per side / end
  • $99 over 12ft legsi